Use GPT4 fully offline and without gpu in your linux desktop

ChatGPT, BingChat, or Bard, whatever it is, poses a threat to the user’s privacy. Any interaction with the AI can be used for advertising or other malicious purposes. However, having this AI can help users be more efficient. The best solution is to generate AI answers on your own Linux desktop.

GPT4All: GPT4All (GitHub - nomic-ai/gpt4all: gpt4all: an ecosystem of open-source chatbots trained on a massive collections of clean assistant data including code, stories and dialogue) is a great project because it does not require a GPU or internet connection. The open-source model dataset can be downloaded from the website. However, this project does not offer a Flatpak or .rpm app. Therefore, the easiest way to use this app is to download the . run file for Ubuntu it says it is for ubuntu but works on fedora too.

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Very interesting, thanks for sharing this.