USB to VGA/HDMI driver

Hi, guys. I’m moving to Fedora desktop and I’m trying to make my USB-to-VGA/HDMI adapter works. So far, I have installed the driver following this instructions:

Right now, I can see my other screen turned on when using the “./fltest 0” command, but I’ll like to make it work as another display.

Has someone made it work or have any idea what can I do to make the other display appears in the Display configuration window?

Thanks and good to be here!

As written in the

4. How do I enable extended desktop/mirrored desktop on my X Window?

Currently Fresco Logic does not provide desktop related manipulation. Fresco Logic hopes the community will contribute to this area so that end-users can easily adopt this solution.

So, tough luck I guess. Someone needs to program the driver to be able to support X window extended desktop/mirrored desktop mode. Or if you’re lucky, someone makes some magical software that easily integrates a good number of USB to VGA/HDMI adapters.

OK. Is there a way to learn about making drivers for Fedora? Never had done that before, but it cans be a project to try. I have seen many people asking for it.
Also, is there any USB to VGA driver that works with Fedora? That could be another solution.