Help with external monitor via USB hub to DVI


On Fedora 32.

I have a monitor (DVI) connected to a USB hub (DVI), which is connected to my laptop via USB.

I am unable to use this monitor as an extra screen - it doesn’t show it as an option in Gnome display config.

What are the steps to debug this issue?

The USB hub does work for a mouse.

Thanks in advance!

You probably need to connect your monitor (DVI) to the monitor output of your laptop, not to USB. Your monitor might have a USB hub built in for which the USB connection is.

Does the laptop have an external HDMI port? If it does then all you would need is an HDMI to DVI converter or an HDMI to DVI cable and connect the monitor to the HDMI port.

I have never heard of a monitor being used on a USB port. I don’t believe there are any drivers to allow that.

What is the exact model/manufacturer of the device you are connecting? There are no USB hubs that connect to displays over DVI, but there are USB adapters or docks such as DisplayLink.