Upgrading to fedora 38 changed kdialog to zenity


I recently upgraded my Fedora 37 install to fedora 38, and now I have the problem of Zenity being replaced as the default scripting dialog package instead of kdialog being used.

Before upgrading to fedora 38, kdialog was the default and being used. Kdialog is still installed, I tried uninstalling zenity, but that would lead to me deleting steam, which is not preferable.

Is there any way to change the default back to Kdialog?

Welcome to Fedora @gamzeerakoon

Zenity comes with steam, that’s why it is a dependency of zenity.

You can just remove zenity while using rpm -e --nodeps zenity and steam will use kdialog again.

this seems more like a janky fix? many programs depend on zenity and it was already installed on fedora 37. but only after upgrading to 38 did it start being used on the kde spin. so i feel like that isnt really a good fix

It depends on how the process invocation is implemented.
Perhaps it is hard-coded to start with zenity and fall back to kdialog.
You can search and analyze the relevant code like this:

sudo grep -r -e zenity $(rpm -q -l package_name)