Upgrade 34 - boot failed


I am 33 to upgrade 34.
I am going opensooq/nginx-sticky

I am going Https://gist GitHub.com/Tamal/73e65bfb0e883e438310c5fe81c5de14

Fedora (5.12.15-300.fc34.x86_64) 34 (KDE Plasma)

I not did CDRom insert

Fedora (0-rescue-038…e8f80) 34 (KDE Plasma)

Your link is broken … here the working one:

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I am help!!

Also see DNF System Upgrade. The doc provides the official procedure to perform Fedora upgrades.

I am not hard disk fedora 34, and live USB?

  1. Live cd/USB
  2. Mount /boot. /boot/efi /
  3. Dnf system upgrade / performing system upgrade

I am fedora boot and DNF System upgrade->preforming systrm upgrade … #1 and #2
#3 --releasever=33 #4 --allowerasing

#5 error: system is not ready for upgrade


It looks to me like you might be booting to the live 33 usb then attempting to upgrade that to 34. That will not work since the usb is an iso image and cannot be altered.

If instead you have an installed system on a drive, are booting to that system, and attempting to upgrade that, here is one guide on the steps to follow. This is the official fedora instructions on doing just that.

Many other guides can be found with a simple search for “how to upgrade to fedora 34” or similar.

I am hard disk and boot error.

I am USB live media is good.

I am operating system again , and anaconda is custom hard drive:

/Sda6 - /boot
/Sda1 - /boot/efi
/Sda7 - /home
/Sda8 - /

Anaconda is error: “you must create a new file system on the root device”

The Google is trying :

Sudo mkfs.btrfs -L root -d dup -f /dev/sda8

Anaconda is error: “you must create a new file system on the root device”