Updating container images in CoreOS

I’m working on a system powered by CoreOS and specifically this tutorial on Running Containers. However, I was wondering if anyone had a good approach to keeping an image up to date (e.g. my project is running in a container image and I’m deploying multiple times per day). My first initial approach/thoughts seem like they might be overkill.

  1. When the service starts, we can use the ExecStartPre option to pull the image (e.g. myimage:production
  2. Run another service that checks if the image is the latest and restarts the service (seems like there would be some downtime which is not ideal)

Anyone had to do something similar and/or maybe have a better approach?

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You may also look at podman-auto-update — Podman documentation

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First time I have seen this. I will give it a look but it does look like it would do the trick.