Unofficial PS4 wireless bluetooth controller cannot connect automatically without reset

I wish to file a bug on redhat bugzilla, but am stuck at password creation. I am never able to pass the “zxcvbn” password strength checker.

OS build: F37, latest
PC hardware: (Regardless) Same behavior encountered on Lenovo E15 AMD 5700U / Thinkpad T450 Intel 5500U / Desktop Intel 4570S
Occurence: Only happens to unofficial PS4 bluetooth controller (which mimicks official PS4 controller). Official PS4 controller does not have this issue.
Problem: Only able to connect unofficial PS4 controller after reset both PS4 controller and PC.
Replay procedure:

  1. Press SHARE + PS buttons to reset and enter ‘bluetooth connection’ mode.
  2. [from PC]: Settings → Bluetooth → Devices → “Wireless Controller”
    Press it to pair and connect. From now, it works properly.
  3. Turn off PC bluetooth and reopen it.
  4. Turn on PS4 controller too.
  5. From PC Bluetooth interface, “Wireless Controller” is shown as “Connected” for few seconds.
    PS4 controller LED shows it is not connected.
    PC Bluetooth interface shows “Wireless Controller” is “Disconnected”.
    Manually trigger “Connection” button on GUI does not work.

I think I should produce a log file from Fedora. Please guide me on this if required.
Thanks a bunch.


Have you tried using the link below the signin credentials blocks to use your ask fedora credentials i.e. the “Fedora Account System”?

If you try that you would use the exact same credentials you use here.

Nah it is not working.
"Red Hat Bugzilla could not map your Fedora Account System login to a Red Hat Bugzilla account. "
I did double-check my Fedora account credentials.

If you did, in fact, enter exactly the same credentials (both user name and password) and the bugzilla site did not accept them then it should probably be reported on the site help and feedback category here. That link and authentication method is used and works for (almost) everyone who has a fedora account here.

Alternatively you could create a bugzilla account separately but make sure your password is of adequate strength.