Unmount fuse network drive that Nautilus can't

I have mounted a network remote via SFTP in Files (nautilus) and when I try to dismount it using the eject button nothing happens other than Files becoming unresponsive. I try to dismount it via unmount but I don’t see any entry in /proc/mounts or findmnt. I also did killall nautilus and nothing helps. My only other option is to reboot.

Hi there, you also can see what currently is mounted either
by command “mount” without options or what is written in
cat /etc/mtab

It should be the same output like in /proc/mounts.

You can use umount do unmount the mountpoint.
umount /path/to/mounted/device

You may need to sudo or need to be root or the user, depending on how it was mounted.

If the device is busy, you can use following command to find out what process is acessing it:
lsof /path/to/mounted/device