Universal Linux App Store

This is a interesting project App Outlet “Universal Linux App Store” for Flatpaks, Snaps and AppImages.
https://app-outlet.github.io/ with no flatpak option to install from yet, but author promises a version soon.
I use Flathub only and few Appimages, but the “initiative” to unite Linux Devs and Apps is for respect.
I read somewhere Fedora will or should have a its own flathub soon, flathub via software center works ok.


I don’t understand how this could be useful. Are you having an issue with
dnf? Issues with the repositories?

I don’t have issues (never said I did) with dnf and I have also installed yum cause most of my 100-ths of work scripts I have use it and I don’t have to rewrite the code, and flathub integration works great. I personally prefer to use flatpaks and Appimages when I can easier to remove all, snaps not so much. but this project is good example of an “initiative” to unite Linux Devs and Apps is for respect.

The useful part is when they make an flatpak version and you can install snaps and appimages if someone wants to and one place to search them all flatpaks/appimages and snaps, very useful.
it is useful as this app https://flathub.org/apps/details/com.gitlab.librebob.Athenaeum
All FOSS games in one place with easy one click install using flathub.


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I don’t get why you’d use this over GNOME Software?

I couldn’t even get it to work (Flatpaks don’t install).

The Flatpak version of the App Outlet is not working I believe it is in beta and I mentioned that.
if you talk about Athenaeum, the software works, maybe not all of the games work at the moment. It is true I prefer GNOME software, but I also use Flatpaks also AppImages, not Snaps,
but Like I said someone might want to use them and this is a good app as idea to unite linux.
All I am saying is uniting all linux apps is a good initiative and it will bring more new software engineers to develop more apps for linux including games for Linux.

I personally use Fedora on all my PC (work pc, home pc, game pc) even router and NAS, but I am open minded about other linux distributions like NixOS, Arch and ClearOS Linux by Intel software especially flatpaks AppImages, etc., hence my opinion about App Outlet being a good idea.

I don’t need any help just wanted to share a useful information nothing more.

EDIT: I left the official or unofficial Discord Server of Fedora mostly because few users commented on information that I wanted to share as “Stupid” or “useless” or “We Are Fedora we don’t care about other Linux DIstros”, I hope people here are more open minded towards other Linux Distribution, I will not go into debate over here on the forum, if anyone wants to talk to me feel free to DM me about it and do not waste everyone time with reading comments that my post is “stupid” or “useless” or anything similar.


I just think it would be better for that disunity to not exist in the first place, similar to how systemd got rid of distro-specific service files.

Edit: Otherwise next time another app format comes along, is that going to be added too? When does it stop.

I don’t plan to debate that here and now, I believe some unity in the Linux World would mean better hardware support, more apps for Linux and more Linux Native Games, I build data science software for work in Linux FOSS, so Linux Unity would benefit me personally and professionally.

on the other hand I don’t like ubuntu and the fact that they install snap packages when you write the apt install (like chromium apt install in 19.04 installs a snap package not apt from distro repo), but that only means I stay away from ubuntu and if I need to use it for some reason I would debian not ubuntu.

Well I personally never used snap but it is good to know they are here if I need it, I mostly use flatpaks and AppImages, it is good to have the option )if you want) to run ubuntu app on fedora via snap/flatpak.
Best part about Linux for me is the ability and option to choose what is best, unlike Win and Mac.


This post idea was intended to share information about app that allows to search and install flatpaks/ appimages and snaps from one place (flatpak version of the app is not working for now)
App Outlet “Universal Linux App Store” for Flatpaks, Snaps and AppImages https://app-outlet.github.io/
the “initiative” to unite Linux Devs and Apps is for respect will bring more apps and devs to Linux.

The I leave the debate if that is good or not for someone else I am not a policy expert so no comment.