The idea: take this from theory to reality and offer pre-made images (qcow and amazon) that are ready to go.

App selection:

  • ngnix
  • postgresql (multiple versions?)
  • mariadb (?)
  • redis
  • memcached
  • rabbitmq
  • influxdb
  • haproxy
  • mosquitto
  • gluster (?)
  • um, python? can we do python?

Phase 1:

  • Build app stacks in Copr
    • possibly with packit?
    • use autorebuilding
  • Also in Copr: the custom kernel package which assembles the app and unikernel
  • Use ImageBuilder [1] to assemble the whole OS
  • don’t forget to put something custom in /etc/os-release variant-id
  • publish to Index of /pub/alt

Phase 2:

  • Apps patched for specific optimizations (see the poster link above)
  • Build app stacks and unikernels as koji tag
  • Publish officially
  • Make Amazon-optimized versions (work with cloud sig)

  1. in koji if necessary, since that’s what’s in production now ↩︎

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This is a draft post for some future stuff. :classic_smiley: