Unable tp upgrade to fedora 38

I am unable to upgrade to fedora 38. When I press the Download button in gnome-software it will download and then stop, displaying a popup (within gnome-software) with the following text:

Unable to upgrade to Fedora Linux 38:
Error running transaction: package tuxedo-keyboard-3.2.0-1.noarch already installed.

My problem is that i don’t even know where the corresponding logfiles would be. journalctl doesn’t contain anything interesting (except that it cannot start displaylink, a whole other issue).

I’d already be glad if someone could just point me to how to optain logfiles of the download process.

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I always suggest doing this upgrade from the command line.

Follow the guide here

Doing so will give you details of what is happening and if there are issues provides enough info to solve them.


Thank you very much this worked for me.