Unable to use KDE Connect with NordVPN


Hi all,

I’ve tried searching for a solution to this but none of the posts that I found quite seem to fit my use case.

Basically I am trying to use KDE Connect between my Linux PC (Fedora 37) and Android phone (Graphene).

I have tried enabling meshnet and whitelisting the local network ( via my PC.

Neither device is showing up in the KDE Connect screen nor in the Meshnet peer list.

I am using the OpenVPN app on my phone and the Nordvpn package on my PC. I suspect that the issue may be a configuration that I haven’t done in the OpenVPN app on my phone, but I’m not really sure (I don’t know much about this topic).

Many thanks in advance

Possible causes:

  • Your router is isolating the devices.
  • The firewall on your PC is set to block incoming connections.

I don’t think that the VPN is related since KDE connect operates over the local network.

Could you get the IP of both your PC and phone and try to ping from your PC? If the ping succeeds then it is likely the firewall.

I have been with nordvpn for three years until 2022. I used the android app and non the open VPN and activated on the phoneside the kdeconnect as exception. And it worked.