Unable to update F37 to F38 missing public keys

Workstation on F36, successfully updated to F37 but unable to update any further due toi missing public keys. Tried solution found on Ask Fedora to install keys but that didn’t work, says they are already installed. I have done the dnf upgrade --refresh and dnf system-upgrade download – releasever=38 --allowerasing --skip-broken.

I tried F39 first because I thought that two versions could be updated in one go but when that didn’t work I backed off to F38 but with same result.

On next attempt to update I get the usual:
Running transaction check
Transaction check succeeded.
Running transaction test

But transaction test never completes, command line window just closes after several minutes. What should I do next to debug this?

You can try to run a second terminal with journalctl -f and post the logs. Also please mention how you installed the public keys before. It might be as easy as downloading them to /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/

This page may have relevant info.

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After a good deal of playing with this the update ran properly and I am embarrassed to say I have no idea why. I did a key download as suggested by this help but still had missing key problem. There were quite a few items that showed as not being in any repository, mostly fonts but also pipewire so I removed pipewire (dnf remove pipewire) but it comes back on every refresh so it must be in some repository that is configured. Finally I wondered about the number of crashed command line terminals so I did a power off reset (systemctl poweroff) and booted again. Then dnf system-upgrade reboot ran as expected. I had already done several soft reboots but I have to assume that the problem was that they did not completely clear the environment somehow. But problem solved. Thanks to those who responded to me.