Unable to uninstall Mailspring rpm in Silverblue 36

I have being using Mailspring from Flatpak for some time. Recently found there was an upgrade, but only available in rpm format for the time being. Having other apps already installed via rpm-ostree, I didn’t mind uninstalling the Flatpak version and install from rpm. Today, I found a new update in rpm and tried to uninstall the current one. rpm-ostree does its job but something is wrong and I remain stuck with the old rpm after reboot. I see a brief failure message while booting, which from the logs I suppose is “Failed to start ostree-boot-complete.service - OSTree Complete Boot.” Right now, I just wish to get rid of the rpm version and use the Flatpak one instead, even if it is not the most up-to-date. Any suggestions?

This keeps getting more interesting. I installed back Mailspring from Flatpak and now have - as expected - two versions of the app. The one from rpm that does not uninstall is version 1.10.4-0.1. With Gnome Software I installed Flatpak version 1.9.2. However, when I launch the Flatpak version it reports to be 1.10.5-0.1; exactly the same as if I had upgraded with rpm-ostree. Unless I find a way to sort this out, I suppose the best course of action is leaving it like that until Silverblue 37 comes around.

My issue is worse than expected. My system lost the ability to update. I just filed a bug report against rpm-ostree in Silverblue 36.
See: 2117888 – rpm-ostree stop updating - apparently a "Failed to start ostree-boot-complete.service - OSTree Complete Boot" issue

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Well, I kept digging a little bit more and found a command that appears to fix my issue: “rpm-ostree cleanup -bprm”. Afterwards, I was able to update my system and even remove the mailspring rpm. The only issue remaining for me is why the flatpak version number does not coincide with the one showing by the app itself. Otherwise, everything else looks fine.

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