Unable to get MySQL working in Fedora 31

Hello Fedorans,

After installing Fedora 31 and performing the necessary tasks to get it up and running, I tried to install MySQL. I followed https://computingforgeeks.com/how-to-install-mysql-8-on-fedora to install Mysql. However, when I issued sudo systemctl start mysqld.service, my computer just froze for about 2-3 mins and when it unfroze, it ran extremely slow. I rebooted the machine, but the boot process also seems to have been broken/affected. After boot up I issued sudo systemctl status mysqld.service but it gave me the following error:


Not only this, but my boot time has increased substantially(near about 5 mins). During the boot up process, the machine often crashes. How do I solve this issue? What is the correct method to get MySQL 8 working?

Thank you all for your help.

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