Unable to connect usb tethering in fedora 36

Hi, I want to connect internet in fedora 36
through activate USB tethering, but when i turn on my data and connect my phon with a cable to usb port and activate usb tethering in it, fedora can’t recognize it and network connection not be exist.
Please guide me, if you khow…

Welcome to Fedora.

is your phone detected by fedora?

Does it show your phone in lsusb

Are you using an Android phone? If you have developer mode enabled, choosing RNDIS usb configuration will enable an internet connectivity.

Hi, Anish, thank you for your answer,
My android phone is detected by fedora, after lsusb command my phone is detected too, but i don’t know how enable RNDIS configuration in fedora, please guid me if possible.

Hi, in Network setting, i change USB Ethernet setting in IPV4 Method from Automatic(DHCP) to Manual and also i entered ip address and netmask respectively: and , after this change USB Ethenet is connected but i still don’t have connection to internet

Do you have the “USB tethering” option in your phone? Connect the phone to the laptop with cable and enable tethering.

If normal USB tethering option doesn’t work, go to settings → system → about phone → tap few times on “Build number” and it will enable developer mode. Then go to settings → system → developer options → select USB configuration → RNDIS.

You do not have to change the DHCP to “manual”.