Unable to connect to hotspot active ,in fedora 37 ,in my phones

I have a lenovo g50-80 installed with fedora 37.
I am facing a problem with the hotspot active .

i turn on hotspot wifi, i write the name of the network, the apssword and click to active it.
then it shows the qr-code.
I use my phone to connect to that network, but phone says that I have to chech my connection and try again.
then the internet connection failed .

I am using a vpn, but I have try with and without it. Same procedure.

Where can I start?

I have tried differents topics, but they are old and not working.

With my phone I have a choice of service as a wifi hotspot with cellular data or connecting to a wifi network. It is unable to do both at the same time. Enabling the wifi hotspot disables the wifi network.

If your lenovo g50-80 has the same config and you are connected to the internet by wifi then trying to also use it as a hot spot may not be possible.

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I am using LAN connection for it in my laptop. And I am trying to connect to it with my phone through wifi.

I can see that the problem is just when the phone try to read the QR code. If the phone reach the wifi by it self, it works. But if I try to use the QRcode, is not working.