I can't connect to my wifi hotspot on my fedora system

i dual booted my system with about 99gb to fedora. I can turn on wifi hotspot on fedora but I can’t connect any device to that hotspot even after scanning the qr code. However the hotspot works just fine while I am working on the windowsOS.

I think we might need some more information here. I just started a Hotspot from Fedora 37 on a ThinkPad P14 and connected a Samsung S20+ and a Samsung S21+ to it quickly without issues by scanning the QR Code.

In journatlctl, I see these messages after connecting: wpa_supplicant[1863]: wlp3s0: AP-STA-CONNECTED.

Can you give us the output of inxi -CMSnxx (in preformatted or code format) and also let us know what kind of mobile device you’re connecting to it? Do you see any wpa_supplicant errors in journalctl during connection attempts?