Unable to boot into fedora

Hi there!

I have turned my laptop on an it is no longer able to boot up.

I then powered down and tried to boot from recovery mode and I get this response:

Reloading system manager configuration
Starting default.target
[FAILED] Failed to mount boot-efi.mount - /boot/efi.
[DEPEND] Dependancy failed for local-fs.target - Local File Systems.
[DEPEND] Dependancy failed for selinux-autorelabel-mark.service - Mark the need to relabel after reboot.
[FAILED] Failed to start mullvad-early-boot-blocking.service -Mullvad early boot network blocker.
[FAILED] Failed to mount proc-sys-fs-binfmt.service - Set up Additional Binary Formats.
You are in emergency mode. After loggin in, type “journal -xb” to view system logs, “systemctl reboot” to reboot, “systemctl default” or “exit” to boot into default mode.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks

Potentially a device beginning to fail? It looks like your efi parition fails to mount, so you couldn’t reach the default target. You could try to use a live image to boot then mount the system in a temp dir and chroot into it to see what’s up. You also could continue at the prompt from the rescue option. So systemctl default, log in then enter the journalctl -xb command. Id use | less on the end of that command to page the result for easier viewing. I don’t know if it mounts the fs in read only in default rescue mode though.

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By chance is this a dual boot machine? If so, what other operating systems and did you update them very recently?