Unable to access Nextcloud at https address via browser on internal network


I am a Fedora 38 KDE user. I had help setting a home server with Nextcloud accessible at https domain address.

After the latest upgrade from Fedora (on my laptop) in July 2023, I can no longer access my Nextcloud (on a server of the same network) via any browser.

Does anyone have a clear fix for a newbie non-techie? My research suggests it may have to do with a firewall on my Fedora laptop. I set up HTTPS as a service but it didn’t work.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Try to access in terminal with curl:

curl https://ipaddress
curl https://domain

To see the/a error message.

Just switch the firewall of to test if this is the problem.

The response is curl: (28) Failed to connect to nextcloud.reardonvargas.com port 443 after 129369 ms: Couldn’t connect to server.

I checked my router and port 443 is forwarded for the server, as I understood it should.

So what am I missing? Disabling firewalld.service didn’t seem to work

Sorry, I guess best is to check with the person you helped to connect. It looks like a problem on the server side.

I can ping the domain but connecting I can’t. Error … after 210 ms: Couldn’t connect to server (with curl).
Please check with the person who helped you make the connection. I think this has todo with your next-cloud provider.