UEFI Secure boot sign for custom kernel modules help

Is there anyone that can point to a solution to be able to implement secure boot (UEFI) for custom kernel modules?

This is not Fedora related I believe my colleague it is using slackware in his project. Hopefully someone can point in the right direction:

“I have no idea how to buy a key from Microsoft or how to sign my own kernel modules so it will bypass secure boot like the big distros do. The process is sort of secret.”

You can do it with your own key there is nothing extra or special in microsoft own key it is just a cryptographic key but usibg Microsoft give the benefit that you can boot os without any issues… Which big distro providers can do actually and i don’t think ms actually sign kernel from individuals.


Fedora has a Microsoft UEFI security key inherited from Red Hat following old dispute headed by Debian concerning FOSS about security feature launched by Intel for Itanium platform. If you want a security key, go to UEFI consortium : https://uefi.org/.