Two handy Bash aliases to quickly review a Pagure pull request

Hi all! Last week, I found myself questioning why I spend so much time running the same few git commands whenever I want to quickly review and test a pull request to a project I maintain. I thought I would share these aliases I added to my .bashrc file to speed up my PR reviews:

The top command is for reviewing a pull request where someone used a feature branch (i.e. nm == non-master). It takes two positional arguments: the PR number and the name of the contributor’s feature branch. The bottom command is for reviewing a pull request where someone committed on the master branch. It takes one positional argument of the PR number. For both commands, it assumes you are already in the directory of the Pagure project you wish to review.

Anyways, these were handy quick “hacks” for me and thought someone else might be able to make use of them too. :smile:

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This would make a good CommBlog post. Just saying…

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Nice idea. I wrote up a draft and scheduled it for April 9th. An early preview link is here: