TTY on Fedora Linux

Good morning everybody!
When using Fedora Workstation, I can only access TTY3 (Ctrl + Alt + F3). And to get out of it, “Ctrl + Alt + F7” doesn’t work, I have to “reboot”…
Is that so?
I currently prefer to update the system via TTY3…

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ctrl alt f2 takes me back to the GUI. Does that not work for you?

What’s the reason of using tty3 to upgrade? If you are logged in and running applications already, there’s no real advantage of updating of doing it this way.

If the idea is to do a clean upgrade without it interfering with running applications, the safest thing to do is to use gnome-software or dnf offline-upgrade where it downloads your updates, reboots into a limited shell to update, and then reboots ready for you to use.

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Thanks for your reply @FranciscoD e @vgaetera
And yes, ‘Ctrl + Alt + F2’ worked, I didn’t know…
I will try ‘dnf offline-upgrade’ next time.
Just to confirm:
It would be ‘sudo dnf offline-upgrade download’ , ‘sudo dnf offline-upgrade reboot’… Correct?


Yes, but please check the man page when in doubt:

man dnf offline-upgrade
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