Trying to build Android (LinageOS) on fedora

I am trying to build LinageOS on fedora and am finding that all instructions are geared towards building on ubuntu. Does anyone have experience doing it on fedora? Is there a way to add a Ubuntu environment/container thing to toolbox? I am not particularly excited at the last resort prospect of Installing a Ubuntu VM :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve when doing this just made an Ubuntu container under Podman, rather than going through Toolbox. Unfortunately Google ties building Android to old versions of Ubuntu.

I use something like this.

podman run \
            --hostname workbench \
            --interactive \
            --name workbench \
            --security-opt label=disable \
            --tty \
            -d \
            --volume "$HOME":/root \
            --mount=type=bind,src=/sys/fs/selinux,dst=/sys/fs/selinux,ro \
            --volume /media:/media:rslave \
            --volume /mnt:/mnt:rslave \
            --volume /run/media:/run/media:rslave \
            -e USER=root \
            -e USE_CCACHE=1 \
            -e CCACHE_DIR=/cache \

podman exec -it workbench bash

Adjust the options to match your setup.

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