Troubleshooting ClamAV - Long Initialization Time at Boot

Hello, all. Running a recently-upgraded F37 server image, and I’ve noticed that the clamd@scan.service is taking about a minute to get running after a reboot. My boot times before were less than a minute, but now that service is really struggling (by eventually succeeds) to get started.
The systemd-analyze critical-chain command gives me this: @1min 17.914s
└─clamd@scan.service @20.838s +57.075s
  └─ @20.826s
    └─named.service @17.367s +3.456s
      └─ @17.284s
        └─NetworkManager.service @16.337s +945ms
          └─ @16.325s
            └─firewalld.service @12.114s +4.206s
              └─polkit.service @18.836s +1.207s
                └─ @11.876s
                  └─dbus-broker.service @11.115s +756ms
                    └─dbus.socket @11.048s
                      └─ @11.020s
                        └─systemd-resolved.service @10.499s +520ms
                          └─systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service @10.123s +354ms
                            └─ @10.010s
                              └─run-snapd-ns-tautulli.mnt.mount @32.737s
                                └─run-snapd-ns.mount @32.106s
                                  └─ @8.406s
                                    └─lvm2-monitor.service @4.955s +3.449s
                                      └─dm-event.socket @4.899s

So, while I get that networking is taking about 21 seconds to be available, but I’m not sure why just upgrading to F37 would have changed what’s happening there. I’ve not changed anything about my ClamAV configuration from before the upgrade. Has anyone else run into this, or any other thoughts?

These are the packages I’m currently running:

clamav.x86_64                                        0.103.7-3.fc37                            @updates
clamav-data.noarch                                   0.103.7-3.fc37                            @updates
clamav-filesystem.noarch                             0.103.7-3.fc37                            @updates
clamav-lib.x86_64                                    0.103.7-3.fc37                            @updates
clamav-update.x86_64                                 0.103.7-3.fc37                            @updates
clamd.x86_64                                         0.103.7-3.fc37                            @updates