Trouble Setting Up Hibernation on Fedora 38

I’m trying to enable Hibernate on my Framework Laptop (intel 11th gen) and I’m having issues with boot now giving me 4 items, 3 different Fedora 38 boots and 1 UEFI Settings. The only one that actually will boot into my laptop is the 2nd boot option. Just to preface, I’m still newbish to Linux in general. I’ve been using it 100% for a couple years but I haven’t really ventured too far into the intermediate space, just using it casually to be honest.

My search train leading here:

My first find was on Reddit, OP posted a comment stating that the tutorial in the link works

This is the link that OP posts

It was at this point that I encountered the above mentioned behavior. Got to admit, not sure if I have created a swap in this process, something I kind of read in passing at some point. So I look up how to check for a swap and got the below link.

Using swapon -s I get:

Filename Type Size Used Priority
/dev/zram0 partition 8388604 0 100

I’m not exactly sure what it should look like or if I even did everything correctly. I followed the walkthrough all the way and I believe I did everything correct, but alas, I am here after all, so I must be wrong.

On the side, I have seen a few times that Swap could have been allocated at the initial install. I don’t remember seeing that option or maybe it’s something I had to dig into and I never did. Whatever the case, I would like to know if there is a good resource for doing this at install so I can understand in the future.

When using hibernation it is necessary to have a physical swap (file or partition) that is larger than the physical RAM on the system. Some systems require the swap space large enough to store the data from the GPU ram as well as the system ram. It also requires an additional option in the kernel command line to enable recovery. I do not remember the details of that option but it is required and the link you posted shows it.

Following the instructions in that link enables fedora to recover from hibernation, but it skips the details about setting up the physical swap space. That is shown in the thread

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just follow this: How to enable hibernation on Fedora Linux | Ctrl blog