Touchscreen freezing randomly fedora 38 | on surface 7+

Hello, please can somebody help please. I recently installed fedora 38 on surface 7+, everything works fine, but sometimes firefox or chrome or another is freezing the touchscreen. Input from keyboard keeps working in this situation. Does anybody how to solve this please? Thx so much!

There are some issues, but first thin you should do to working fine with Linux kernel is:

Before you start, it’s also heavily recommended to update all firmware on Windows via Windows Update. It should fix various hardware-level bugs.

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Thanks for your answer!

Please can you help me with updating firmware without windows? I deleted the windows partition and have only a linux partition.




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You can try fwupdmgr in terminal.

To see if your device is supported you can also have first a look on the website

I see that gnome has an firmware app too. You might check this first: