Todays Kernel removed ethernet and wifi

Just as the title says, updated today but that broke my internet, held down shift and choose 6.2.12-300.fc38.x86_64
and everythings back to normal again.
If i wanna keep this kernel when another new ones comes out how do i do that easy?
I know it usually removes some of the older ones when installing a new one.

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i just read this in another post about kernerls
“Fedoras update process never replaces the running kernel. If you are booted into the 6.1.18 kernel when you do the update that kernel should remain and one of the newer kernel be replaced with a kernel upgrade.”

Seems that might be the way for mefrom now on and try the later ones but still beeing able to have the older one

That is correct, as long as you know how to always start the correct kernel. There is now a 6.1 LTS kernel you can install from a copr repository. This will not be removed because it is from a separate repository.

Fedora just removes kernels when they got replaced, and as many versions you configured in /etc/dnf/dnf.conf as much kernels it keeps back.

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Thanks for answering, will keep this one active for a while and maybe try later a later one along the way and see if the problem persists