Timeshift breaking Fedora install upon restore, need alternative

I used to have Fedora 36 installed on an ext4 filesystem with separate /home partition (also ext4). I did 3 Timeshift restores that ultimately broke my system:
First restore: SDDM no longer showing, logging in from tty shows that sddm is unable to find the display or something like that (forgot the exact error)
Second restore using timeshift command from tty (using another snapshot): SDDM working again, but pipewire broken and no sound
Third restore: an even older snapshot which completely broke my system: I could no longer login via SDDM or tty, any login attemps gets me back at the login screen.

I ended up reinstalling Fedora 36 to put things back in good order (good to have a liveusb always on hand)

Have anyone encountered such problems with timeshift? Also any good alternatives for system snapshotting? (this time I used BTRFS for root)