Thinkpad x12 detachable attempting to list issues

Thinkpad x12 detachable has the following issues. I’m listing them in the attempt that someone will help solve them or wlll direct me towards one who can solve them.

  1. unable to (properly) use cameras. Tablet/laptop has 2 cameras, a front and a back camera.

    1. Front camera is unable to use IR and non-IR at the same time.
    2. Back camera does not work at all
  2. Trackpoint and trackpad buttons dont work at all. Mouse however does work.

  3. Thinkpad will go to sleep rapidly and wake up rapidly if opened via keyboard either by opening it or by clicking the spacebar. Attempting to use sleep button to wake is impossibly slow. Tablet awake button will light up but tablet will not wake up at all.

  4. Gnome lockscreen does not display OSK on the lockscreen rendering tablet mode useless. ( This issue has been posted on their gitlab, however i’m open to help here as well!).

  5. Speakers don’t work at all. No sound can be emitted from them by playing movies or spotify tracks etc. SPEAKER-Tigerlake audio controller does show up on the gnome audio selector, selecting it does nothing. So it’s detected but not working.

  6. Some special keys don’t work.