ThinkPad T495 beeps when powering off or restarting

Hi everyone, recently my ThinkPad T495 was upgraded to Fedora 37 Beta and it started to beep quite loudly for about half a second as I can feel the laptop vibrating when I power it off or restart it. it sounds like a beep from the internal speaker and it seems to not beep when I mute the speaker. I wonder if anyone else experiences this? Thanks!

Same here. Running F37 beta on HP EliteBook 820 G3.
First I thought that this might be a new feature from Gnome Software when rebooting for installation of updates.

But the sound is also there when doing normal reboot.
Ancient and loud console beep, similar to the beep when entering BIOS menu.

I have a T495 with F36 and don’t have this issue on Fedora. When I have had this issue in Linux (as opposed to FreeBSD), I just disabled the beep if that’s acceptable to you. I do that by going to /etc/modprobe.d and creating a pcspkr.conf file (It can be any name, but should end with .conf) It
just reads

blacklist pcspkr

and only works after rebooting. You can aways do

sudo rmmod pcspkr

to remove it from a running session.

Yes, I only have the issue once I upgraded my Fedora 36 to Fedora 37 Beta so I wondered if there’s something during the upgrade that caused it and maybe Fedora would be interested in looking into this. I personally don’t mind it as I just have to mute my internal speaker which I don’t use and it still seems to work even as I switch to external Bluetooth speaker.

Did some more research. Seems to be related to a systemd issue, see

How to reproduce: login to one of your ttys, then switch back to Gnome and initiate the reboot sequence, without pushing the Restart button. The system will then reboot in 60 seconds. Plenty of time to switch back to your tty and wait and see the “system reboot” wall message.
And wall does the beep.

UPDATE: on F36, wall does not beep. But there is also no wall message displayed on reboot.
Not sure anymore, if this issue is related to systemd at all…
(Had a short thought that this might be related to Console that I installed on F37 (you know, tty, pty & co). But the beep remains even after having it uninstalled.)