Things I am missing - proposals

What I’m missing in Fedora:
a systemctl terminal “GUI” or full GUI at least for services and daemons - fedora have many daemons turned on and it is messy - they’re not categorized, in order (like services for virtualization are not one after another…) It’d be nice to have categories divided to tabs and you’ve checkboxes to select one by one or select all.

And this is quite serious when I do FDE install I cannot choose sizes of partition (at least root and home ) it is chosen automatically. I want it to give me an option for home and root size.

Thanks Rob :slight_smile:

Cockpit has that capability. It’s a web service, which means you can connect to any host / node where the services are running and manage them from a workstation.


There are already quite a few systemd service managers out there… Do they not quite work out for you for a particular reason?

well there is not installed by default (like yast or I can’t find it/) quick web search didn’t provide me anything. And another thing when I start typing in gnome commander it writes into command line instead of targeting files or folders which start with that letter sequence. Not to mention that the UI is subpar, krusader is great (but don’t want to install/ load all the qt libs - I am on gnome/ xfce ) but e.g double commander is fine.

but I still don’t understand there’s no option to choose size of root and home partition when installing FDE (automatic that’s a big + tho) especially if one is on SSD.

I think you can select manual and then have the installer auto-create everything, then manually change the sizes?

well bad that’s bad UX and how could I know that? now I have it installed for few months not gonna erase and install again. I’m 50% on root so in no need for space right now, so if I need I’ll resize partitions, but that can be cumbersome. It is better to do that during installation

back to those systemd GUIs - so what are the name of those? I didn’t get the answer - “there are plenty”… is not an answer. And another thing it would be nice to have some like advised packages and also have some categories (have it organized in some way) for that cause be left just to search is not a proper option. And that leads me to another complain - packagekit is very simple when I enter “systemd gui” or “systemd & gui” it throws tons of result but lot of bloat (at least put those most relevant to the top and limit the results too) and it has no option to filter thru…

I just Googled “systemd GUI” and found: Welcome Startup Support » Linux Magazine

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cockpit is fine but still browser based ( it is safe in separate browser used just for that tho, like e.g icecat), systemd manager 1,5 yr no commit and only on github (no repo). And I’m not gonna install the one for KDE - kcmsystemd. But such software could be installed straight away and not maps, weather and such “bloat”

I also would be interested in a tool similar tool like YaST on Fedora, unfortunately I couldn’t find one, not even close. Was there any proposals to implement something like this before?

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I am now trying cockpit in icecat (limited to localhost - I set a bad proxy on purpose)
it is fine and quite powerfull but yast is different league

I haven’t tried cockpit but I heard it gets a lot of praise for server uses.
Ultimately I could even be happy with some TUI implementation, maybe w/ ncurses. It would be great to have something like that fairly light so it can autostart (separate browser w/ cockpit is kinda overkill for a desktop).

Also for interest may be this GNOME extension, where you can quickly manage some systemd services, at least (for a full list it may get inconvenient):