Talk: Third-party modules (e.g. Nvidia) are not rebuilt during system upgrade

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Is this necessary? We don’t have it included in the Common Issue description.
If akmods run the compile processes in background, is there a better way to ensure the processes have finished, rather than waiting some time and hoping it was enough? Grep the process list perhaps?

The script doesn’t seem to offer the functionality.

Possibly not. Once the akmods command ends (while running in the foreground) the kmod package has already been installed. I suggested that for additional insurance.

Note that on the initial install of akmod-nvidia the fact that akmods is still performing the background compile after the install is complete and a prompt reboot without waiting does interfere with the compile and install of the kmod-nvidia-$(uname -r) package.

The current understanding of the problem is that some (system upgrade) process kills the akmod task before it ends. The usual workaround is to run sudo depmod -a
(then modinfo nvidia will works).

See also 2011120

Note that this issue never occurs with dnf distro-sync --releasever=39 (some insight are explained on the bug).