Software and kernel update from Gnome software didn't break nvidia

wow is there fix come for updating Kernel and system updates from Gnome Software or was this only one time lucky situation? not sure but enabled those RPM Fusion repos and added the fedora-cisco-openh264 config manager and allso added appstream meta data and then runned Gnome software updates there was Kernel updates and other ones restarted → installed → restarted again → took about 2-4 minutes after Encryption unlocked to load Login screen, but no error missing nvidia modules and everyhting is working Nvidia drivers working still. Before i had to double restart after system updates from DNF and especially Gnome software to get Nvidia back

There is logic to build the nvidia driver when the system boots up and the driver is missing. That usually worked for me. But its not 100% reliable.

Which is why the advice is to wait for a few minutes after you update kernels for the nvidia drivers to build, then reboot. You can check on progress with the systemctl list-jobs command that will show akmods job running to build the drivers.

Unless something changed recently I think you where just lucky.

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Gonna keep monitoring this if multiple days updating only gnome software don’t brake Nvidia I can say something is changed if it does brake mostly just need additional reboot I can say I just was luck on one time

If this is a designed change then that is a nice improvement.

I have moved on from nvidia to amdgpu now so do not see these changes myself.

i guess it was one time fluke small system update from Gnome software failed to build Nvidia kernel modules appeared well thats okey im pretty used to update from gnome software and restart one more time after updates done and that gives Nvidia kernel modules loaded again so after each update need one more restart and all good that is small thing to do since it takes less than 30 seconds