Tablet pen button assign for specific application

hi there, :slightly_smiling_face:
im using Fedora38 workstaion. wacom tablet. Wayland.
loving the out-of-box support for the tablet, works flawlessly :slightly_smiling_face:

i assign pen-button1 to mid.mouse button and button2 to right click.
(reverse of default)

In BLENDER however, it reads the pen buttons The way I liked it Already-
which caused the 2 buttons to be REVERSED back… the wrong way.

Im totally used to button1=mid-click and needs it for my default desktop everywhere.

please provide me a way to get Blender to do it the correct way again.
ie. reverse pen buttons back to default, assign button1=right click etc.

batch file to launch or anything i’ll take it. i mean this Is Linux right? :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks in advance,

Hello and welcome to ask :fedora:

You have defined a classic problem. The system is configured the way you like it but that one app has its own definition of the way it is operated by the controls and the app config conflicts with the system config.

This seems a case of the app overriding the system configs and may be considered cause for a bug report to be filed directly against that one app at

I do not use blender, but unless you can find a way to reset how it operates with the tablet then it may need to be addressed by the developers.

Two things to check:

  • Do blender’s extensive settings allow to change that?

  • Is the effect the same when you use Gnome/X11?