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Hello, I’ve got a hefty tablet PC which used to run windows, it was comically bloated to the point that most of its internal space was being taken up by windows itself! So I changed to fedora linux 40 workstation because it seemed to be the bestest distro out there out of the box for such tablet PCs, and I was not disappointed, it runs fine. Then I decided to run Doom on it, as one does, and it worked fine! The problem is finding a proper way to control it, I knew about this Tablet Pro for windows tablets such as this: and assumed that something like this for Linux would exist, but bizarrely it doesn’t except for Android. Everything else came as part of a emulator package which I’d rather avoid, especially considering how I wanna play around with mods. I also don’t wanna plugin a keyboard or a controller or anything like that since that would kinda defeat the whole point of a portable tablet PC.

System details from what I can see are as follows: Model: Dell Latitude 5175
4GiB of memory
Window system: Wayland
Disk Capacity: 128
Graphics: Intel Graphics 515 (SKL GT2)
Processor: Intel Core m5-6Y57 x 4
64 bits
Tablet Wacom ISDv4 4806

I don’t use a stylus or anything, just the touch. But I’m willing to get one if it’ll actually help.