System stops responding when using wi-fi

I was browsing the internet yesterday when my computer has suddenly stopped responding to any interactions, audio was working for a while after that but after that it had stopped working too, the thing I have saw was that I have been disconnected from wi-fi, in logs I saw errors related to wlo-1, it did get disconnected and after that there was null pointer reference bug in kernel

Provide more info with hwinfo --long | less

I encountered a similar issue. I’m just watching movies, and at one point, the Wi-Fi disappears, and the Wi-Fi icon turns red. I try turning Wi-Fi off and on again, but the system becomes completely unresponsive, leading to a system freeze. The only solution is a hard power-off using the power button."

are you using firefox to watch movies?

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No. I’m using Google Chrome

it looks like the problem is back

it doesn’t show anything just few lines like ~
and END

hwinfo --long

i got help page when i enter this command

Usage: hwinfo [OPTIONS]
Probe for hardware.
        This option can be given more than once. Probe for a particular
        HARDWARE_ITEM. Available hardware items are:
        all, arch, bios, block, bluetooth, braille, bridge, camera,
        cdrom, chipcard, cpu, disk, dsl, dvb, fingerprint, floppy,
        framebuffer, gfxcard, hub, ide, isapnp, isdn, joystick, keyboard,
        memory, mmc-ctrl, modem, monitor, mouse, netcard, network, nvme,
        partition, pci, pcmcia, pcmcia-ctrl, pppoe, printer, redasd,
        reallyall, scanner, scsi, smp, sound, storage-ctrl, sys, tape,
        tv, uml, usb, usb-ctrl, vbe, wlan, xen, zip
        Show only a summary. Use this option in addition to a hardware
        probing option.
        Normally hwinfo does not report RAID devices. Add this option to
        see them.
    --only DEVNAME
        This option can be given more than once. If you add this option
        only entries in the device list matching DEVNAME will be shown.
        Note that you also have to specify --<HARDWARE_ITEM> to trigger
        any device probing.
    --save-config SPEC
        Store config for a particular device below /var/lib/hardware.
        SPEC can be a device name, an UDI, or 'all'. This option must be
        given in addition to a hardware probing option.
    --show-config UDI
        Show saved config data for a particular device.
        If disk names have changed (e.g. after a kernel update) this
        prints a list of disk name mappings. Note that you must have
        used --save-config at some point before for this can work.
    --debug N
        Set debug level to N. The debug info is shown only in the log
        file. If you specify a log file, the debug level is implicitly
        set to a reasonable value (N is a bitmask of individual flags).
        Increase verbosity. Only together with --map.
    --log FILE
        Write log info to FILE.
        Don't forget to also specify --<HARDWARE_ITEM> to trigger any
        device probing.
    --dump-db N
        Dump hardware data base. N is either 0 for the external data
        base in /var/lib/hardware, or 1 for the internal data base.
        Print libhd version.
        Print usage.

the problem occured once again, and discovered more specifics of the problem, i have been having my laptop in sleep mode, and i woken it up the wifi was down, the lockscreen(gnome-shell, wayland) was working like nothing happen but after logging in the computer stopped responding, so the problem doesn’t crash gnome(wayland) screen lock

It was yasterday

And again(just now)

I updated kernel to 6.4.13-200.fc38.x86_64
And it also occurs on that version
On Last 2 occurrences I was constantly refreshing one page

i found link for the one of two errors abrt analytics

hm, it looks like there were 2 errors in the same time


3 did only occur once so it looks like it’s not related

I found a reason why WiFi disappears and system freeze. The problem is my built in WiFi adapter (MT7921e). It has no drivers for Linux, so it’s the reason in my case

on linuxHardware it shows that newer distros(from around 2020 and up) support it
here’s link for my card on linuxhardware

I found this in logs, the device was disconnected after ieee80211_reconfig failed

WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 101533 at net/mac80211/util.c:2547 ieee80211_reconfig+0xdd/0x16f0 [mac80211] [mac80211]

iwlwifi 0000:00:14.3: Microcode SW error detected. Restarting 0x0.

that’s the end of one entry in logs,
then as said it started restarting and everything had begun

that doesn’t happen with 2.4Ghz wi-fi

the problem is my wi-fi is 5 ghz and i don’t wanna make it slower. So i’m forced to use 5ghz.