System-release package not found

I used to install Fedora into a chroot with a system-release package first. Now dnf says that the package is not found.

I’m actually so confused about the proper way to install Fedora into a chroot. Can someone once and for all clearly specify how to install Fedora 39 into a chroot? And has that changed? Because system-release was a legit way as a first step to install it.

And I needed system-release package first to set up my installroot with all the folders without installing anything else, so that I could bind all the system folders to installroot and be able to install the Fedora Workstation group afterwards (it requires a chroot for everything to install properly).

So what’s the system-release package equivalent? I tried fedora-release but that didn’t get found either. Thanks!

Ok, whew, I quickly discovered that it seems that system-release got replaced by fedora-release sometime ago.

So, now you must first install fedora-release to get your chroot setup, and then do a dnf group install Fedora Workstation (or whatever groups/packages you want).

The reason my dnf couldn’t locate fedora-release is because fedora-release is a ‘noarch’ architecture package, whereas I had dnf’s --arch option set.

This is so awful, why doesn’t fedora-release package get located by DNF if the --arch option is set???

That depends on what you set it to. I would expect it should be set to x86_64,noarch.

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Thank you. A little counterintuitive though. But ok.