Switching with ctrl-alt-Fx

pre-question: When talking about Fedora components, what does Gnome mean and what does gnome-shell mean?

My question:
I can have multiple users have active logon sessions to Gnome (by Switch Users or by going to Ctrl-Alt-F1)

For example, now I have three “users” active:
Ctrl-Alt-F4 - me
Ctrl-Alt-F6 - newuser1
Ctrl-Alt-F7 - newuser2
(it seems to me the F# are randomly assigned each time after logon)

Then I tried to switch between F4/F6/F7 using the Ctrl-Alt-Fx method.

I discover that in this way, the target session do not ask me for password in order to access.

Is this by design?

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GNOME is a desktop environment split to many packages and gnome-shell is one of the packages:

It appears so, unless you lock the session manually beforehand, e.g. using Super+L, or it reaches idle timeout.


Thank you very much.

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