Ssh: connect to host hostname port 2232: Connection timed out

I have two distribution one fully installed on my laptop and other one with minimal installation on virtual-box I am trying to access the one on virtual-box using ssh but this message “Connection timed out” giving me hard life I changed the port btw from 22 to 2232 which I am sure it is correct but the message still showing any idea my command to access using ssh is:
ssh username@hostname -p 2232

You can check 2 places for problems.

The firewall on the VB install must be configured to allow incoming connections on port 2232.
The sshd daemon on the VB install must be verified to listen on port 2232.

A simple scan from the laptop to the guest VM on VB can be done with nmap to verify what ports are open and can be reached.

I could solve it yesterday the network tab inside VB was set to NAT instead of bridged adopter


I have seen the same as well. I found out early on in using VMs that the simplest for my needs to communicate between host and guest was to use bridged connections with virbr0.