Spotify doesn't work in Firefox

Spotify web site continues to say “Enable player in your browser” even if I allowed DRM (and Widevine plugin is enabled).

It works for me.

Blind guess: could it be due to missing codecs on your system?


Indeed, installing gstreamer1-libav from rpmfusion-free it works.

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Hey @caddiesytgvwo, is your post an advertisement to that software?

  1. I use Fedora and Firefox
  2. I don’t want to download music
  3. Suggested software is proprietary software, and OK, but it works only on Windows and Mac
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Was an ad, I marked it as such.

@caddiesytgvwo please do not indulge in advertising here—it is considered spam, and your account maybe silenced/removed for it :slightly_frowning_face: