Spotify and Visual Studio Code no longer have dark title bars

I noticed after upgrading to Fedora 38 that Spotify and Visual Studio Code both no longer set the GTK title bar to dark. Is there anything that can be done to let them set dark titlebars again?

Like this?

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Yes, that’s the same symptom. I’m definitely running a dark theme as my GTK3 theme though. It applies to other GTK3 applications.

Did you try the change in the gnome-tweaks (see link I posted)?

Hi i use VsCodium on Fedora 38 and i don’t have this issue, did you change something in parameters of there apps before migrating to 38 ?

Is it flatpak apps? If so you can change it by: Apply GTK System Themes on Flatpak Apps in Linux

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I did; gnome-tweaks just sets the GSettings value, which I currently already have set.

[link@thelio ~]$ gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme

The xprop hint is being set correctly; it’s just being ignored by the window manager (mutter).

[link@thelio ~]$ xprop -name 'Spotify' | grep _GTK_THEME_VARIANT

This is looking more like an issue with GNOME shell. I filed bugs against Flathub’s Spotify and the GTK Dark titlebar VSCode Extension and both found the issue appears to be caused by upstream GNOME changes dropping support for GTK3. I suspected as much; the titlebars of all Electron-based applications appear to be GTK4 windows now; not GTK3. I don’t have a solution to this. So for now, we’ll have to live with mismatchy titlebars.

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