Soundblaster Z - no sound

Installed F40 beta KDE and have no sound. Tried all possible ports and profiles out. No luck. Under Windows all works fine.

What could be the problem?

The device information

I haven’t test on 40 but on 39 with the AE-5 Plus I need to install alsa-firmware… You can also extract the package and manually copy the files in the ca0132 folder to /lib/firmware/… You don’t need to move the whole folder, just the files to /lib/firmware/… For some reason 39 doesn’t install that firmware by default and the Kernels built in support is spotty without them…

If you check dmesg you will probably see a message from snd_hda_intel saying ctefx.bin and ctefx-desktop.bin could not be found or loaded. It’s because the files are missing.

Installed “sudo dnf install alsa-firmware”, restarted and now it works.

Tnx a lot!