SoPlex and SCIP

Kevin Kofler noted about a year ago that new versions of the solvers SoPlex and SCIP were released under free software licenses. Over the last year, I’ve been working little by little on building them in a COPR and rebuilding various Fedora packages with SoPlex and SCIP support. I believe we have reached the point where we can start integrating this work into Fedora.

I need reviews for the following new packages. I am willing to swap reviews.

I will shortly open pull requests for each of the following packages. I wanted to post this message first so that the PR text can include a reference to it.

  • bliss
  • coin-or-Alps
  • coin-or-Bcp
  • coin-or-Bcps
  • coin-or-Blis
  • coin-or-Bonmin
  • coin-or-Cbc
  • coin-or-Cgl
  • coin-or-Clp
  • coin-or-CoinMP
  • coin-or-CoinUtils
  • coin-or-Couenne
  • coin-or-Dip
  • coin-or-DyLP
  • coin-or-FlopC++
  • coin-or-lemon
  • coin-or-Ipopt
  • coin-or-OS
  • coin-or-Osi
  • coin-or-SYMPHONY
  • freefem++
  • gfan
  • latte-integrale
  • Macaulay2
  • mp
  • opencv
  • openms
  • polymake
  • python-cyipopt
  • python-pysingular
  • qsopt-ex
  • seqan
  • seqan2
  • seqan3
  • Singular
  • sympol

ASL vs. mp

Many of the coin-or packages currently BuildRequires mp-devel. They really only need the ASL part of mp. Upstream has split the two projects into separate git repositories; see the new asl package listed above. This will reduce the number of runtime dependencies for the coin-or packages.

Since the new asl package conflicts with the current mp package, the introduction of asl, modification of mp, and rebuilding of affected coin-or packages all need to be done at once. Once all of the reviews are complete, they will be built in a side tag.

i386 removal

Some of the new packages need some work to build correctly on i386. Why bother? Let’s not build for i386 in the first place. That means, however, that some of the packages that sit on top of them will need to be modified to stop building for i386 as well. That is the extent of the modifications to some of these packages (e.g., freefem++).

Since opencv and openms are both still built for i386, the packages that they depend on (including the new asl package) must also be built for i386 for now.

Just a few package reviews to go! This is what remains to be done:

These will need to be reviewed with respect to the COPR mentioned above, since I can’t build asl in Rawhide without breaking the existing mp package, so the rest all has to be done at once in a side tag.

Let me know what I can review for you in exchange for the above reviews.

Thanks to Benson Muite and Kai Hiller, all of the reviews are now done. A big thank you to everyone who helped out.

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