Some readings about virtual machines

Hi to all,
I’d like to test some software (Nextcloud, openproject community edition) creating some virtual machines on my F38 workstation, before getting a personal home server. The point is that I have almost a zero knowledge about that arguments. I think I have to know a little about server configuration and about virtualization… Could you recommend some readings? I mean a convenient approach to the subject.
Many thanks in advance.

There are many VM system’s, in part due to the wide range of use cases: network access, graphics, large-scale deployment, etc. I use VM’s to reproduce software issues in other distros so I can work on a fix – some issues require a GUI, others only a command line. I want to get the VM running quickly and once the problem is fixed I remove it.

It is usually best to start with tools Fedora provides: Gnome Boxes, virt-manager, and podman. The first two use qemu-kvm, libvirt-glib and spice-gtk. Podman is sort of a “new and improved” Docker. Many users who can help if you run into difficulties with these tools. If you run into use cases that these tools don’t support well, you can focus in on finding VM systems better suited to your needs.

Thanks for your quick replies. Archwiki it’s a “gold standard” reading :slightly_smiling_face:

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Since you use Fedora Workstation, I’d suggest starting with GNOME Boxes. It should be pre-installed and is easy to use. If you run into something where you need more control, virt-manager is a lot more powerful (at the cost of some elegance).

You shouldn’t need to resort to VirtualBox or anything else proprietary here — the main reason for that is if you need the same UI across Linux, OS X, and Windows.