[solved] Kinoite rpm-ostree updates always ending in Plasma crash

I would need some pointers on the rpm-ostree process.

I installed a LUKS encrypted Kinoite 35 a couple of weeks ago, and after installing Flatpak Firefox plus free and non-free drivers… I have not been able to update it. As soon as I enter my user, Plasma signals an unexpected stop (Plasmashell PID: 4728 with a segmentation fault code 11) which loops again and again.

While I can always go back to the previously working deploy, I have been stuck here for a while now, and googling / searching in here so far did not help.

Here’s a dpaste of my rpm-ostree status --verbose

Thanks in advance!

Ok, so after a rather intense session chatting with @oggy in the fedora channel I finally got out of the woods.

My main user simply got corrupted. I could check it was by logging in the graphical environment as root and seeing that it was working fine.

So the solution was just renaming .config and .cache in my home (*) from the root session and logging back into my regular user. The detail of renaming the entire directories was provided by @ledeni

Very grateful for the help I was given :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(*) in case you are even less knowledgeable than me: remember they are hidden folders of your /home dir and in dolphin they are shown by pressing Alt .