Solution to mate panel 1.26 restart so as not to go back to 1.24

When one opens a drawer in 1.26 (mate-panel), the whole panel crashes, and so, following other solutions to the bug, I downgraded to 1.24 version. This works, but is a hassle every time one upgrades! So, I found a hidden directory one day called .mateconf in the home directory, and I thought that maybe if I move said old directory, to say .old/.mateconf, that maybe the problem is a conflict between .config config files, and the ones in .mateconf, and sure enough, it was!!! Now 1.26 version of mate-panel works, and I can open my drawers to see the icons on the sub panels and use them!
Hope this helps! This is for mate-compiz, currently on fc36, but was a problem on fc34.

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