Slow Boot Time on Fedora 31


Those blame & critical-chain outputs don’t look very out of the ordinary. I’ve just poked around my machines and ~30s to reach seems pretty typical, regardless of the OS they’re running.

You said that the 2:30 is from power up to full desktop. How long does it take to get to the boot loader (i.e. the kernel selection screen)? How long does it take to reach the login screen?


1:30s more after kernel selection screen. Total: 1:43s.

OK. So almost a minute from login to functional desktop? For that you can have a look at what programs are being autostarted, which might slow things down, or check if there is some issue with your Desktop Environment starting up.

For the pre-login delay, it’s probably best to actually look at the kernel messages during boot, check if you can spot the holdup. Mounting harddrives & setting up network would be likely culprits.

Sorry I can’t give more specific advice.

No, not from login to desktop, 1:30 from kernel selection to login screen.


Yes, but you mentioned initially that it takes 2:30 to get to a functional desktop, so it also takes an unusually long time to get from login to desktop. (Unless I misunderstood you)

First, I’m not the one who asked about slow booting; I’m one of the responders. Second, what happens after you log in is a different question, and deserves its own thread.

Right, sorry, I didn’t pay attention.

it seams to me, that the case is like my first 3 fedora installations, where I played around too much, installed a lot of different software, deleted it, copied and pasted a lot of bash command from the Internet, and in the end got my system broken.
it was fine, cause that was the point. afterwards I was somewhat proficient and got my first XFCE :blue_heart::mouse2:

what am I pointing to, is that — back then, It was much easier to backup the /home, and reinstall the system, so I have a feeling it’s also here the case.
the system shouldn’t die if you disable Modem manager. it’s very unusual.
(and kde is nice looking and shiny, but from my last experience 2y ago, even without customization, it crashes a lot, many say fedora is bleeding edge, but the real bleeding edge is kde)

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Also, the list of started services you have provided does not give us any reason why the computer should be slow during the boot process.
When the computer starts again (if it does) you should also provide the journalctl -b output, because there could be retries (or errors) reported that would explain the slowness.

Hi, everyone; sorry for the late answer.

Yeah, no, I thought maybe I could reduce the boot time in 45s or 1min, that’s all. It’s no big deal. I want to close the post, but it has no “solution”, so I really don’t know how to close it.

Anyway… thank you all for the answers!

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