Skip package when install application

Hello everyone, I have some issue when try install application…
my question, is it possible to skip some package when install some apps??..

I need to install phpmyadmin from remi repository, but I want install it without installing composer dependency, because I already install manual the composer

I install custom composer from their website, not from remi or fedora repo :

I already try to exclude composer package in dnf exclude config and try install phpmyadmin with --skip-broken argument, but it fails to install…


Not using dnf, no. The whole point of the dnf package manager and the repo system is that dnf will fetch everything you need (dependencies) from the repos. So, the flip side is that you always get everything, and one cannot cherry-pick packages.

The maintainers take care to ensure that the best, most compatible versions of the different tools are packaged together. The dependency information is included in the rpm packages themselves, so to change it, one has to modify the spec file and then regenerate the RPMs.

I don’t know enough about PHP, but generally, the way to go is to install the packages and then modify PATH etc to give your custom installation preference over the system one. Can that not be done here?

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okay, I see the point… make sense, now I know why I can’t just install some application with partial dependencies…

right now my plan is to install phpmyadmin with manual way, because I also need custom composer installation and don’t want mess get conflict with phpmyadmin installation package from remi

thank you very much for the explanation…

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