Simplify Docs Workflow organization page

Hi folks! Due to incremental improvements made on contributor guide and style guide in the last three months, we could revisit the Docs Workflow organization page that went live in June 2022.


  • Keep the description on labels simple
  • Simplify wording on workflows
  • De-duplicate paragraphs on merge requests
  • Remove ambiguities on merge requests
    – PR/MR vs edit (there are inconsistencies at places)

Could we state it clearly, for example

Docs contributors need to:

  • Merge an MR with pipelines passed successfully.
  • Complete MRs with detailed description (problem statement, what it improves. and so on)
  • Get approval of the MR from the board or suggested approvers.

What contributors could expect when joining the Docs team:
While Docs contributors are onboarding, they will be assigned to shadow groups and then start contributing as trainees (Example: co-author, help finding right-sized project).


Issue ticket posted to GitLab is here. Please let me know your thoughts and Docs team will review them and improve workflow page.

I’m on PTO 27-31 March, so my response will resume in April.

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